Africanpure CBD Oil South Africa

CBD Oil Store proudly offers premium CBD oil products that are supplied by Africanpure, grown as organically non-psychoactive Hemp-Cannabinoids and safe for use by humans and domestic animals. Africanpure ensures that no harmful solvents or chemicals are used in the manufacturing process and that their CBD is pure and of the highest quality.

Industrial grade hemp is used in the manufacturing process of Africanpure’s CBD oils which yields only trace amounts of THC. This means that Africanpure’s CBD products are non-psychoactive and safe at high doses.

Africanpure CBD Oil South Africa

Quality control is undertaken with every batch produced by Africanpure and the CBD oil is manufactured under internationally accepted good manufacturing practice (GMP) and tested before marketing. For your safety, Africanpure tests every batch for the presence of heavy metals, fungicides, plant growth regulators and microbiological contamination, and is safe for long term use prior to distribution.

In order to ensure that you as the customer can trust Africanpure’s CBD products, each batch and lot is numbered for easy identification and to ensure the consistency of the quality of the product. Africanpure assures customers that no synthetic products or genetically modified ingredients are used in the manufacture of the CBD, and that it is from the highest quality organic sources.

Among the most popular products within the Africanpure range are the Active CBD 800mg, Everyday CBD 1000mg and PLUS CBD 1500mg. Shop for all things CBD South Africa right here.