At present there has been no scientific research on the benefits of CBD on ADHD or ADD, either as published data or randomised clinical trials. There are, however, some anecdotal claims of successful outcomes.

Dr. John Mitchell of the Duke University ADHD Program says that one of his patients, an adult woman with ADHD, tried CBD on two occasions without his approval or supervision. This patient never experienced any changes, and never had any adverse effects. However, some other of his patients did claim some positive outcomes – were able to relax and felt less manic.

“There are anecdotes that CBD may help with ADHD,” says Dr. Robert Carson, an assistant professor of neurology and paediatrics at Vanderbilt University who co-authored a 2018 study on the efficacy of CBD on epilepsy, “but this is true for many other symptoms or diseases.

Thus, there may be patients whose ADHD symptoms improve after adding CBD, but we cannot generalize that anecdote more broadly. Secondly, the cases we were most likely to hear about were from those patients who had great responses — not from the 10 who did not.”

Clearly, more research is needed as no single research team has studied the possible effects – good or bad – of CBD oil for ADHD symptoms specifically.

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