Does CBD Oil Really Work With Migraines?

You might be surprised to hear it, but yes, you can use CBD oil for migraines. This is especially great news for sufferers who are tired of using “recommended” prescription drugs that simply don’t work.

CBD oil is unique in that it acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system. This is a biological system that influences several other systems that help regulate your physiological and cognitive functions. This means that CBD oil works at a higher level which directly benefits a variety of medical conditions. That’s why there are so many ailments that can be treated with CBD oil, especially those that involve inflammation and pain.

How CBD Helps Treat & Prevent Symptoms

For better understanding, CBD oil works by regulating a group of nerves and blood vessels in the brain called the Trigeminal Vascular System (TGVS). The TGVS is believed to play a central role in migraines. Put simply, CBD acts on an area of the TVGS to reduce its activity and alleviate painful symptoms.

A major benefit that sets CBD apart from traditional migraine treatments is that CBD oil can be taken at the onset of, or during the course of a migraine. In comparison, most traditional medications must be taken at the onset or before an episode in order to be effective. Further, traditional medications can leave you feeling drowsy or experiencing other side effects.

Some studies suggest that CBD oil may reduce the severity of migraines from manageable to completely relieved. Besides this, regular use of CBD oil may reduce the frequency, duration and severity of migraine attacks. Best of all, there are close to zero unintended side effects.

What Next?

With the exciting health revolution of CBD-based products there are still many new and innovative methods emerging to help people enjoy the benefits of CBD oil. Why not explore some of the products in our range and find something that suites your needs?

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