Is CBD Safe For Animals?

CBD oil for pets has found its way into veterinarians’ rooms and onto dog groomers’ counters. The hemp oil is being use it to treat everything from anxiety and aggression to arthritis and seizures.

Unfortunately, our pets aren’t able to tell us if they’re feeling better after a dose of CBD oil. However, it makes sense that if CBD oil is good for treating pain and similar conditions in humans, then it should be effective with our furry friends.

Interestingly, dogs and cats are similar to humans in that they too have what is known as endocannabinoid systems (ECS). The system influences the body’s physiological functioning and plays a role in other essential systems.

CBD Oil For Dogs & Cats

When it comes to cats, CBD oil can provide felines with relief from anxiety, stress, and appetite loss. A few early stage studies have also shown that CBD oil soothes pain and suppresses seizures.

There are many anecdotal reports that point to the effectiveness of using hemp oil for pets. For example, one pet owner administered CBD oil to his dog to calm it down whenever it became anxious after he left his home. He administered a drop of CBD oil onto a dog treat and found that it calmed his dog down dramatically.

More officially, the AKC Canine Health Foundation has undertaken a study to use CBD oil for dogs as a treatment for epilepsy. The results of the study will be made public within a year.

Remember, if you decide to use CBD oil to treat your dog or cat for a particular condition, you can’t give the same dose to a Chihuahua as you’d give to a Bull Mastiff. The hemp oil dose for a dog or cat should be a fraction of that given to a human.

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