With the lockdown, the ban on tobacco has had a significant impact, and most smokers are finding it challenging to cope. So, if you don’t know what to do, you can take advantage of cannabis oil in South Africa. It may seem like it can’t help, but some researchers from the University College of London have stated that CBD can stop you from smoking tobacco.

Twenty-four heavy smokers were tested for a 2013 pilot study. The study was intended to test the smokers in a week by splitting them into two clusters. Twelve had to use a CBD inhaler, and the other 12 used the placebo inhaler. The inhalers were to be used when the individuals felt like smoking. The results were positive. The smokers who inhaled CBD used 40% fewer cigarettes than they usually did in a week. It was a significant difference to the people who used the placebo inhalers.

Even though more research is required to understand the advantages CBD has to help select quit tobacco, the test has shown that vapes can help significantly to stop smoking tobacco.

Quit Smoking After Using CBD

Like any addictive drug, tobacco smoking is brought about by habit and encouraged by numerous internal and external factors. The brain is the catalyst as it connects specific images or behaviors that will intensify the smoking desire. For instance, seeing individuals smoking in a favorite movie or linking smoking tobacco like having breakfast.

Recent studies done on hard drugs like morphine and cocaine showed that CBD could help to break the addiction. So, there is a chance you can break cocaine addiction if you use CBD. The results offered evidence on how CBD can make you break the habit and also act as a therapeutic drug. It has the potential to reduce the chance of relapsing if used correctly. It is essential for people who have used drugs for several years.

Moreover, it is a well-known fact that tobacco smokers can be forced to smoke because of anxiety, stress, and other related issues. But if you use CBD oil, you will reduce anxiety, and it is a healthy choice for someone who wants to relax given it doesn’t have adverse long-term effects compared to tobacco.

When it comes to tobacco addiction, serotonin is crucial. It is a chemical produced in the body that makes one happy and satisfied. Nicotine triggers serotonin to be released from the brain, and the chemical offers smokers’ pleasure and calmness. It stabilizes the mood.

If an ardent smoker wants to quit, serotonin has to drop. Since the chemical keeps the person calm and happy, it is one of the primary reasons smokers find it challenging to stop. But CBD can help by triggering a receptor called 5-HT1A, which is responsible for boosting serotonin in a better way. The elements of CBD also make the product useful when you want to stop headaches and other symptoms that are common for smokers who want to quit.

For a smoker, you will sleep well when you use CBD consistently. It is imperative to use CBD, especially if you are serious about quitting smoking. It will be helpful to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Enough rest is vital when you want to heal and have a healthy body. If you’re seeking CBD, don’t forget to visit https://cbdoilstore.co.za.

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