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Koi CBD South Africa helps improve your quality of life with hemp-derived CBD that contains 0% THC. These CBD products are of the highest quality and come with scientific lab reports that you can trust. If you’re looking for the safest CBD oil in South Africa, then look no further than Koi CBD.

Koi’s products are made in ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certified Labs, producing CBD that’s 100% natural and 99% pure. Whether you’re new to CBD products or an experienced veteran, Koi has a range of CBD products to meet your needs.

Koi’s mission is to ensure high quality and at the heart of their origin story. After seeing many CBD brands sell poorly made products, Koi’s founders became disenchanted with the industry and launched Koi in 2015.

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What’s In Koi CBD Products?

The hemp used by Koi CBD is grown in San Luis Valley and Rio Grande in Colorado, USA. These carefully nurtured plants are cured into high quality CBD products using supercritical CO2 and cold-press extraction methods. This ensures that you get full spectrum CBD with a complete balanced ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids. Every batch of Koi CBD is tested to validate its purity, safety, and consistency. That means that whenever you buy Koi CBD, you get the highest quality CBD product!

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From full-spectrum CBD oil, vape juice, pet supplements and more, you can trust Koi CBD to satisfy your needs.

Here at CBD Oil Store, one of our favourite products is Koi CBD gummies. These come in sour and tropical flavours, packed with 10mg of CBD per gummie!

So what are you waiting for? Browse some of our suggested Koi CBD products below to find something that suits your fancy. Shop for all things CBD South Africa right here.